Let's do some hardcore coding together.

We are a team of hardcore coders, loving what we do. We are young and motivated. We do coding using our passion. We work with clients from all across the Europe. Let's climb highest mountains together.

React.js/Redux stack alongside with Jest testing framework and many other libraries is our primary area of expertise. We know React v16 along with it's splendid Fiber. We know how to deal with this amazing codebase.
Just take a look at 1op.eu, a project I wrote in a couple of weeks just to learn how and why Vue.js is different (and better?) from React.js. As i told you: We love cutting edge technology just for the sake of it.
Did you know that first version of JavaScript was made in 10 days? Even though protypal-based languages are simple, they provide an amazing possibility to write clean and maintanable code, which many of JavaScript programmers tend to forget about. We know how JavaScript works internally and therefore we write only clean and beautiful code.
We use Bootstrap if an app has to be written fast and well at the same time. We know it rather well, and we use advanced features of it all the time.
We know cutting edge CSS3 stuff.
We code according to recent standards (duh!).
For every Single Page Application we use NGiNX. We really know this http server. We know how to run reverse proxies, load balancers or just how to host your files securely and properly.
With over 4 years of experience as professional Ruby on Rails developers, we tend to believe that we can handle any project that needs to be written fast, proper and with safety in mind. We are your people for MVPs and any projects, no matter on the scale.
Besides Rails, we have coded a lot of plain Ruby applications, gems, libs, tools, etc. We really like Ruby language and we follow all the guidelines regarding design patterns, style guides and overall clean code rules.
We use Linux. We believe in freedom, so we use mainly open source software. Not to mention our desktops, we use Linux on servers since forever. And as to mention our desktops, we use Linux since we were kids.
Having Rust language core team member with us, we know how Firefox Quantum works inside, and therefore we really like to use it and we enjoy that. We don't support huge corporations on their quest for power.
Let's pretend you know a person that codes faster than any of us. :)
We have one highly experienced C++ developer stolen straight from Game Dev industry. How can he support your business?
We are fluent at Git (obviously).
Oops! Jokes aside, please.

1. We work remotely, because we love life

I believe that people should be free to do what they love. Money is only a bridge to allow people fulfill their will to create and improve the world. And we do it here. We love what we do and we love to connect in our own environment. We cooperate with people remote-based. We don't care where you are and how your life looks like. As long as you are doing your work, we have you covered.

2. We are driven by passion

This is the fun part of programming - with every minute spent on work, you can only become a better programmer. This work is not like any other. You are getting paid to learn. That's what makes it so exciting. This is as far from slavery and selling yourself to big corporations as it can get. At DevSociety, we put highest effort to keep highest code quality possible. We test everything, we build stuff with cutting edge precission and we don't use tools we don't like and trust. That's how we created work environment when it's a pleasure to work in.

3. We have fun doing what we love

We used to be misfits during whole our lives, but now... Guess what. We own our world. Our own, internal world where calculations and predictions made by us are correct. Each and every one of us love when 'it is working' and when we understand why. The abstraction provided by good people from W3C and programming languages creators are just fun to deal with. It's like solving puzzles all the time. What's about it not to love?
write us already? :)